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Speaking, Teaching & Training

I am a teacher at heart; my favorite game as a child was "School" - and rest assured, I was always the teacher!  I left the traditional classroom to expand my teaching to all groups, ages, topics, and in various locales.  I thoroughly enjoy crafting a talk or designing a workshop that meets the specific needs of a group.  From motivational speaking to women's faith-based retreats, I strategically craft the message and materials - and I love doing it.


My most popular talks include, "It's Time;" which is designed to help women get unstuck and ferociously pursue the dreams pressed upon their hearts; and "Playing in the Dirt;" which covers seven critical lessons I gleaned over a four-year span while learning to garden. 


I have a special love for cultural studies; February is a month full of talks, class visits, and Black History Month workshops.  


My most recent venture was a children's book, but the message of this magical story is rooted in love and activism.  Several talks surround the poignant messages in this colorful magical story including ~ facing your fears, choosing to act now and stop waiting for the right moment, and learning to love ourselves as we are while we pursue growth. 

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Keynote Speaker

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Class Visits & Virtual Readings

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Writing Work-Shops

Contact me for customized work-shops for all ages. 

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Diversity,  Inclusion & Black History Month Work-Shops

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