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Projects in the Making

As a storyteller, I visualize projects in different forms - and I love each genre for its unique characteristics.  Poetry was my first love as a child, but as I grew older, life experiences called me to non-fiction.  During the pandemic, I would

complete a feature screenplay I began 20 years earlier and go on to write two drama pilots. You can read a bit about each below.  To see a complete list of script awards, please visit my profile on Coverfly. 


The Kious Jordan Kelly Story


The North Village


Dear Ralph; Letters to My Grandfather

The "It's Time ... " series continues...

Quite unexpectedly, I fell in love with the process of writing "Time to Dance".  Never, ever, ever could I have imagined myself composing picture books.  I find it amazing to stumble upon a new passion at 48 years old.  

The more I learned about the genre, the most I noticed the need for greater representation in several areas.  I'm not certain if our heroine, Mariah will lead the way in the series, but "It's Time," will continue. 


My next book will address autism. 

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