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Marya Patrice Sherron

Author, Speaker, Educator, and Autism Awareness Advocate



Marya Patrice Sherron holds her MFA in Creative Writing add Black Studies — a multi-award-winning educator, diversity consultant, and writer.  After two decades in the classroom, Marya turned her attention to storytelling in hopes of honoring her late brother, Kious Kelly – the first nurse in the nation to die after contracting COVID-19.  


In 2021, Marya would compete on the reality show Survivor.  While she only lasted five days in the game, the island became a refuge, a place of healing, and a time to dance.  


Marya is now writing and homeschooling full-time as well as advocating for Autism Awareness and the rights of those with exceptional needs.  She lives in northwest Indiana with her husband, two sons, and three dogs.  

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Time to Dance

Marya's debut children's book,
"Time to Dance"
is both a tribute and
celebration of life.


“It is with great honor that I speak on behalf of “Time to Dance” by Marya Patrice Sherron. The author has had a special place in my heart for nearly as long as I can remember.  I’ve watched Marya and James’ journeys from childhood into adulthood.  This book is a testament to both of their lives – dancing through the struggles of life, both literally and metaphorically.  If you’ve been seeking a soul-lifting children’s story that will inspire your students or children to always live their best lives – while learning to overcome obstacles, look no further.  The story’s protagonist will steal your heart from the moment you meet her, as she dances through the storyline – despite her challenges. “Time to Dance” offers endless literary learning opportunities from rhyme scheme to repetition, from strong characterization to powerful themes – and everything in between. Whether you are using this book personally, as a parent, or as an educator, “Time to Dance” is a must-read for the soul in your classroom or home.”


                              – Kimberly Witek, 6th Grade Reading Teacher & Master Educator

What people say about 
"Time to Dance" 

"This is a beautiful, inspirational children's story that I know will become an instant classic in many classrooms and homes.  The inspiring story is of perseverance in difficult situations and to keep dancing even when you are dancing alone.  When you are confident to dance and shine in who you are, others will want to join in your joyful dance.  As a teacher, I believe that it is advantageous to read inspiring messages to children and to instill in them that they can do hard things, they can dance alone, and that they can pull others up into their joyful dance."



- Amy Hartman, Elementary Teacher 

“Time to Dance is the perfect story for building young confidence and a voice for those who are told to be silent. Marya’s words so eloquently display the raw emotions our children face in a culture that promotes a busy schedule over quality time. The beauty found in her words has given my girls the push to be brave, and bold, and find their beauty within themselves. As a parent, I am reminded that our time as parents is short and it’s okay to stop and just dance!”



- Erica Porte, Teacher & Girl-Mom

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