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Sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty. After a successful career as a college professor, I unexpectedly found myself a full-time stay-at-home-home-school-mom of two neurodivergent boys who were ten years apart. I was struggling, to say the least, and looking for refuge. My garden became my safe-place and opened my eyes to beautiful spiritual truths. As only our Lord can, I was led to dry clay dirt and lovingly taught how to produce life. Journey with me as I share the beautiful, magical, and pure lessons whispered to my heart over a seven year span playing in the dirt.

Playing in the Dirt & Loving It moves through 21 lessons, funny stories, folly, tears, and growth. Each lesson begins with a thought-provoking quote and ends with questions to ponder. Finally, Marya leaves the reader room to reflect on the lesson and final questions. The interactive nature of Playing in the Dirt reminds us that Marya will always be a teacher at heart as she continues to create space for you to grow.

A perfect gift for the woman or young lady in your life.

Playing in the Dirt & Loving It: 21 Lessons From My Father’s Garden About Life,

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